Indeed fortunate to be acquainted with some of the most successful people around.   More wonderful is the  fact that some of  them are also amongst  the best in the world of blogging.

Envy, jealousy or pure admiration…. not sure.

But one  thing for sure.  Every time  I peruse through these blogsites, my mind develops a burning  desire to have my own blogsite that can stand shoulder to shoulder with any of them.

Instantaneously the mind gets charged up…  throbbing with ideas, concepts, facts & figures.

The very next moment, I would find my self seated in front of my computer.

The first step…  to register a new blog account.  Don’t know why I never make up an attempt to re-build on my existing account.   Highly conspicuous but I  can’t help that.

After some  hard labor, the time the registration formalities gets over………but  most unfortunately the fizz also dies down.  I would be back to square one.

But today, I am here with a firm resolution (like every other time).  Come what may, I am going to move one step further.

Yes… I am  starting to traverse forward.  I can see this  first blog of mine getting published.  Of course, for  anyone,  it would be apparent that  this is the handiwork of a novice.   But I don’t care, because like everybody, I too have to make a beginning.

Folks,  this  simply my way of seeking an’anticipatory bail’ for  any shortcomings  in my blog.  Help me make this grow  to a better stature with your valuable inputs.