“Atithi Devo Bhava” …….. literally meaning Guest is God

But for Bharat, no culture, no civilization ever preached such a noble virtue. Fortunately for others, they never learned nor adopted this mantra.

We were proud about this and we righteously followed this virtue without prejudice whatsoever. No matter whether the guest was a thief, robber or a murderer, we treated them with reverence. In this process, we burnt our fingers….not just fingers, but the whole of us.


Every other day we are disturbed by the news of Indians getting beaten up somewhere in the world, be it australia, united kingdom or new zealand. Our government never seems to take any step to ensure safety of Indians abroad wherein they are subject to severe effects of racial discrimination. Instead the government is more bothered about the safety of the foreigners in India.

The government has flooded television channels with an ad wherein the fool aamir khan comes preaching the concept of ‘atithi devo bhava’ to Indians. The ad is so disgusting and malicious that the whole of Indians are depicted as a bunch of uncultured, illiterate barbarians without any sense of hygiene or civic sense whatsoever. It is highly disturbing to see how the money of our own people are gobbled up by the government to finally depict them in such bad frame.