It was an awful long wait for the Hindus to see light at the end of the tunnel in the Ayodhya Shri Ram Janmabhoomi title suit. Finally in the end when the verdict was pronounced, it came as a rude shock for the entire Hindu population.

The court was convinced that the so called ‘masjid’ was built by some muslim fanatic after pulling down the Ram temple at Ram Janmabhomi. This fact was proved beyond a shadow of doubt based on historical & archeological evidences.

The title of the property is clearly belonging to the Hindus. No doubt and the court was very loud on this aspect too.

But then the court too seems to have got carried away by the secular tune that plays everywhere. They were magnanimous to part with one third of the disputed land to the Muslims as a token of brotherhood.

But it is unfortunate that the court did not bother to find out what sort of brotherhood can be expected from the muslims who enjoys sharpening their daggers at a Hindus throat. Had they any feeling of brotherhood then they surely would have withdrawn from the issue and helped Hindus make a great temple of Ram there. But they are not and cannot ever evolve such a magnanimous mindset.

Had the title suit been ruled in favour of the muslims, then surely the court would have also ordered immediate removal of the makeshift temple there and ordered building of a magnificent mosque there at government expense.

All this tolerance and charity just because we are Hindus..

But should the court too take our tolerance for granted??? Think about it friends.