Do or Die………

Unfortunately, we Hindus neither do nor die. We just survive… eat, breath and keep ourselves alive. A typicalvegetable existence.

Does this amount to LIVING? NO…. dying would be far more glorious.

Rival forces have gained so much power and influence that they crush everything associated with Hinduism under their feet. However but for a few sensible Hindus, none feels any pain, that’s most unfortunate.

Many daring Hindus have sacrificed their life to bring about that much needed revolution. But still that was not enough. There is an imminent need for a mass awakening of the Hindus. Only then we can get to think of any considerable improvement in the system.

One thing for sure, if the Hindus of this country unite there will be no stopping. It will be a march to glory.

Jai Shri Ram………..Vande Mataram.