Every nation has a Food Minister….. India too…something  like a Food Minister……….at least his bulky physique says something about food.

Elsewhere, the  Food Minister’s priority is to ensure optimum utilization of the food products so as to eliminate poverty and maintain the nutritional level.

Our Food Minister is no ordinary minister… he is a busy man.   Food Ministry is just one of the portfolios that he handle.

He is a big shot in the cricketing world.  He now heads the international Cricketing body too.
Like everyone, our Food Minister too finds cricket much more interesting and prospective than go behind rotten bags of rice and wheat.

Who is to blame??  Surely not the Food Minister.

‘If the peasants do not have bread, why don’t they eat cake??”
Queen Mary Antoinette committed the worst blunder of her lifetime when she uttered these words. This ignited the great French Revolution and finally she was brutally burnt alive.

No food???? ‘Eat Cricket…Drink Cricket’……..says our Desi Antoinette.

Would that lead to another revolution here???
NO. Not as long as cricket is  there to entertain our folks.
Forget a Revolution.