“The Queen’s baton relay serves a functional purpose in carrying ‘Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s message from Buckingham Palace in London. It will reach the stadium on 3 October 2010 where Her Majesty’s message will be read aloud, officially opening the Games”.………. an extract from the Common Wealth Games official website

Damn common wealth!!!

Freedom was not that easy. It was really hard earned freedom for India in every sense.

Thousands of young Indians sacrificed their lives to gift us with this great privilege to live in an independent society without chains or fetters whatsover. They sacrificed their youth, their family, their career and their lives in their determined fight against the british rule.

Most painfully, we have forgotten these great sacrifices and today we worship the very same imperial boots that mercilessly crushed Indians for over a century. We unfortunately are blessed with a very short memory that we have forgotten every single case of rape, murder and loot. We have forgotten and forgiven the greatest criminals in history who plundered and looted the great wealth of this nation.

Now we are celebrating common wealth games with such pomp and fair never before witnessed in India. We are showing our gratitude to the bloody queen of england who was so ruthless when the people of our nation were butchered by her soldiers.

Why don’t any one stand up and question our need to pay reverence to the bloody queen?? Who the dirty shit is this queen for the Indians?? Is she our head de-jure or de-facto?? NO…neither.

Then what makes us feel so much sense of pride to run around like fools carrying her dirty baton??

Will we Indians ever wake up????