Nature has given us everything…everything in abundance. It would be more appropriate to say that we have robbed nature of everything….and no sense of guilt or regret whatsover.

Nature, like a proud mother held everything in her bosom to distribute evenly among her loved ones. Unfortunately she failed to fathom the depth of human ‘greed’ and that proved to be a grave mistake. By the time she realized this, it was too late. She was repeatedly stabbed in the back by her very own sons to whom she had given everything over and above others.
We have a wrong notion that we are the only legitimate inheritors to the richness of mother nature. The fact that nature has an obligation to uniformly distribute her wealth to each one of her creation without bias or prejudice is conveniently forgotten.
Nature is mother to every object, animate or inanimate. The balance of nature is so delicate a task that any slight interference could cause irreparable damage to the whole system.
Mother nature has got enough to meet everybody’s need, but not enough to meet everybody’s greed.
Where then lies the solution?
No, there surely is a solution. A slow painstaking solution. We have to wake up from this drugged sleep and start taking corrective measures. Small deeds of a few dedicated individuals would surely make a difference. We have to contribute a bit of our energy and time for this noble task.
The reward??? …. a beautiful green world.