It is quite difficult to understand why we Hindus remain so insensitive to repeated attacks on our religion, culture and society. Every Tom, Dick & Sonia are mocking our religion and questioning our religion and its authenticity. The UPA government has even dared to file an affidavit in the supreme court questioning the existence of Lord Ram. Cinemas, print media and electronic media are competing with each other to make fun of our religion, thereby providing greener pastures for the minority religions.

Somehow, no one seems to care about all these. But, why?Is this insensitivity so typical of a Hindu mindset? Are we not having good examples in Swami Vivekanand and Aurobindo??

Let’s not be blinded by the propaganda machinery of the missionaries and the jihadis. It we let ourselves get fooled then we are surely going to destroy ourselves, our religion and our society.

It is high time the Hindu mindset take a Paradigm Shift. There should be a radical change in thinking and attitude which makes us awake and sow the seeds of revolution in the society. There is an impending need to ignite a new revolution to awaken, unite and strengthen all our Hindu brethren.

Slowly but surely, we will win this war against the evil forces…but every Hindu needs to do his bit for this noble cause.