If ever we try to categorize the people of this nation into three viz. Good, Bad and the Ugly, it would be a very enormous task. We will have to dig through the various stratas of the society to form an opinion and that would indeed be a very difficult job.

However, if our task was to find the UGLIEST of them all, then it is so easy. We simply have to pull out three lists and start eliminating… hardly would anyone get eliminated. Yes, for sure, the ugliest of them all would invariably be a secular politician, a cine star or a cricketer.

They have certain common features that distinguish them from others. How much ever money they earn, they still long for more and for this they sell themselves to the bookies or the ISI cookies.

All these three category of people are generally termed as ‘Celebrities’. Yes, their mere presence is a reason for the people of this nation to rejoice and celebrate. People throng the venues for hours or days together to get a mere glance of their celebrity. Thousands gets killed in stampedes, but they hardly ever do care because a ‘darshan’ of the celebrity would bring them eternal bliss, so do they believe.

Yes, the cine stars, cricketers and the politicians are treated no less than God here. But it is most unfortunate that they find their Gods beyond the boundaries of this nation, treading into enemy nations.