Australia……. the dream destination for a large chunk of Indian population, especially students and career seekers.

Numerous are the families that shell out every single penny to push their son or daughter to this ‘Treasure Island’.   Everyone want’s to get rich overnight and so they brave all odds to move to the world under.

Once in Australia, the pockets are sure to swell… but so do other parts of their body.

Indians are nothing more than ’Punching Bags’ in this damn country.  Kicking the butt of an Indian has become the most preferred time pass for every tom, dick and sonia in that damn country.

There was a time when the news of Indian bashing got reported in the press and electronic media.  But now, the media hardly seems to care because an Indian getting beaten in australia hardly makes any news.  Indians are available in plenty and the australians get all the fun they need.

The government hardly seems to care about all these.  They are more concerned about the safely of Australians in India than the safety of Indians in Australia.

We cannot surely depend of our government to protect our lives and property because they have other things to bother about.


When Indians gets beaten black & blue in one corner of the world, at another corner of the world, a bunch of Indian boys led by Sachin & Dhoni have been beating the aussies most mercilessly.  Absolutely without a trace of sympathy.  The so called ‘racially superior’ breeds collapse like a pack of cards in front of the Indian boys.

Perhaps this is a sweet revenge to the atrocities they met out to Indians in Australia.  Hope so.