Kerala….. possibly the most beautiful place in the planet earth.

Kerala State Tourism Department has been marketing this wonderful piece of land under the caption ‘God’s Own Country’.  Not everybody would find this caption so attractive for sure.  But God would have been more than lavish while this particular corner of the planet was shaped.  Somehow, the creation of this land is attributed to Lord Parashurama.  It is believed that Kerala emerged from the sea where Lord Parashurama threw his battle axe.

No wonder the land is blessed with such unmatched beauty and richness.


‘God’s Own Country’………. Very true.

Even today this land belongs to the Gods….not exactly the Gods whom we adore and worship in the temples.

Gods of a different sort…..goondas, bootleggers, merciless jihadis and cunning missionaries.  They have taken this beautiful land for ransom. From the imposing mountains on the east to the calm and serene Arabian sea on the west and everything in between is in their strangle hold….gasping for breath.

Mountains are flattened and trees chopped……. hardly any trace of remorse.  How can we expect remorse from the kind of people for whom life means nothing.  All that matters is money.

These axe wielding Gods of today are roaming around freely, clearing off everything in their way trees, mountains and humans.



The very Axe that created this land is now the biggest threat to its sheer existence.


Sooner than later Lord Parashurama might make a second coming.  This time he might hurl another axe to destroy once and for ever the beauty that he unnecessarily created.