News Headlines:  “Protestor hurls shoe at Hurriyat Chief Syed Ali Shah Geelani”

Unsurprisingly, Geelani had no complains.

HOWEVER, the SHOE had.

Hard luck.  Imagine the plight of the shoe… to fall on a dais packed with nauseating elements like Geelani & Suzzane Roy!!  Che…stepping down a sewerage hole was far better.


Though the intention of the shoe hurler was noble, he should have been more prudent in choosing his ways.  Not only did he lose his shoes, but also did gross injustice   to his beloved shoes.    Did he not know the basic fact that the persons occupying the stage were the ones with the thickest skins anywhere around.  This shoe made of ordinary buffalo leather would have felt a sort of inferiority complex too to be around in company of such thick leathered ones.  Poor shoe once again.