United States president, Barrack Obama is here.

But why is he here?  No specific answer.

Just another formal visit without any significant agenda.   Just the usual business, terror & outsourcing stuff like that.



Visiting  Taj Hotel, Mumbai to pay homage to the victims of the 26/11 attacks was the first item in his tour schedule.

Standing at the very same place which witnessed the worst terror attack on India, it was natural on the part of Indians to expect  him to condemn the role of Pakistan  in that episode of terror.   United States too had sufficient intelligence stuff to pinpoint Pakistan.

But Obama, as always was playing a safe game.   No mention about Pakistan and that obviously makes it very conspicuous.


The United States always had preferred Pakistan over India and this policy remains.  Pakistan being one of the biggest arms importer from the US, they enjoy a privileged status.  Even by mistake, Pakistan never gets blamed for any wrong doing.

Understood you have a soft corner for Pakistan, but why then this drama of paying homage to the terror victims and so??

We can well do without your Crocodile Tears.