Gone are the good old days when scams could be measured in lakhs or in crores.

Still fresh in mind is Congress Party’s argument that 67 lakhs of Indian currency cannot be carried by one single person (read Narasimha Rao), as alleged by the opposition.  Poor old man, should have been a very difficult job indeed.

It is high time we come up with a new unit of measurement for corruption.

The problem is that the unit should be really big enough to accommodate the monstrous greed of today’s leaders.

In astronomy, inter-galactic distance is conveniently measured in ‘lightyears’ (distance traversed by an unit of light in one year).  No other unit of measurement would be possible.

The unit of corruption in India should be something bigger than even the lightyears.

See the performance report:

  • Amount illegally deposited by Indians in Swiss Banks: Eighty Lakh Crores
  • Amount swindled by UPA minister in 2G Spectrum case: 1.76 Lakh Crores
  • Amount swindled by Kalmadi & Co. in CWG: A few Lakh Crores


One thing for sure, there need to be a new unit of corruption.  As of now, we can safely coin it as L.C (Lakh Crores).

Yes, obviously, we need to leave provision for future expansion gauging by the way UPA government is performing.  Soon L.C would need a prefix.

Good Luck……….Keep IT up.