Yet again, another blot on the face of Indian Judiciary.

This time, it is the Calcutta High Court Judge Soumitra Sen who has polluted the sanctity of the Indian Judicial System.

A Judicial Committee has been set up by Vice-President & Chairman, Rajya Sabha Shri Hamid Ansari to look into the charges of misappropriation and false declarations against Shri Soumitra Sen.  This might eventually lead to impeachment proceedings against him.

Shri Sen is accused of charges under Art.124(4) read with proviso (b) to Art 217(1) of Constitution of India.  Constitution holds that a judge of a High Court shall not be removed from his office except on the grounds of’ proved misbehaviour’.  Supreme Court Judge B Sudershan Reddy, said the charges of” misappropriation were “duly proved” and this settles the matter.

Hitherto, the citizens had only the judiciary to lean upon since the legislative and executive machinery of this country are in corrupt hands.  With more of people like Sen holding crucial judicial positions, people of this country can hardly expect justice to be delivered.