He is here….. the Most Eligible Bachelor


Yes, you guessed it right…..  we are talking about Rahul Gandhi.   But no marks for guessing it right because the media has been writing the very same nonsense every other day.

The media is in a hurry to impress  Rahul and the reasons are obvious and quite understandable.


Lavish him with whatsover adjective that comes handy but kindly refrain from tagging him as the Most Eligible Bachelor of this country.   To Italy, he might be the  most eligible bachelor, and perhaps to a few other western nations too, but not here.

Here in India, there are scores of other factors that counts to make an eligible bachelor.   Just being the son of a former Prime Minister hardly makes one an  eligible bachelor.


By the way, what makes Rahul so special?

  • Being the son of a Prime Minister who is accused to have compromised the security of this country for a few crore rupees??
  • Being the son of a mother who has established connection with international mafia don like Quottorochi?
  • Being fortunate enough to have his left arm over the shoulder of a Columbian beauty and the right arm over  a Venezuelan?
  • Being fortunate enough to have come out untainted after Kerala Police caught him with a foreign lady in a Resort?


By any standard he is not the Most Eligible Bachelor in this country.  For that  matter, he is hardly an eligible bachelor here.