All of a sudden, like Rip Van Winkle, she wakes up.. only to realize that the world around her has changed.  Truckloads  of money has found its way to Swiss lockers belonging to her bete  noires.  A clear case of daylight robbery.  How could I ever miss it??

AIADMK  leader Jayalalithaa was missing from the national political limelight for a surprisingly long time.  An unexplained political hibernation.

When it comes to playing the dirty game of politics, she was always the master and it was proved time and again.  For the very same reasons, she was always the darling of the media.

Boom….she exploded yet another political bomb….a bomb that announced her return to the political limelight.

This time, she pulled out an offer from her sleeve to present sonia  gandhi.   Hell of an offer which sonia cannot afford to refuse…..reminding us of Don Vito Corleone  (Godfather).

”THROW  THE CORRUPT  MINISTER OUT…  IF IT IS THE NUMBER THAT WORRIES YOU, I PROMISE TO FILL THE GAP”…. thundered Jayalalitha  freshly awake after a mighty slumber.

This open offer made through a leading media made a big wave in the political scenario.  Everybody began breaking their head on how things could work out.

This was exactly the fodder that the media was looking for.  The newspapers and television channels started breaking their head on arithmetics.

She has just nine M.Ps but confidently promises the support of over 18 M.Ps.  Who all could be part of the Jaya bandwagon?


Kumaraswamy, Vaiko, Sharad Yadav…. and who else?


Wow… the political drama has just got the much needed twist.  Thanks to Jayalalitha and her ‘INDECENT PROPOSAL’.