Before going into analysis of any sort, let me publish my exit poll findings for your perusal.

Like every other media that came up with exit poll findings, my figures too are based on a mathematically acceptable data samples. Feedback received from a reasonably good sample size of three (which incidently included my pet dog and a lizard that sat precariously on my roof) were thoroughly scrutinised on every socio-mathematical angle).

I therefore have reason to believe that my figures cannot go wrong… at least I am sure that it would be much more accurate than what was published by NDTV or IBN.

Here is the state-wise exit-poll outcome:

Kerala (No special reason for starting with my home state):

LDF: 30- 90
UDF: 31-91
BJP : 0-14

Tamil Nadu

DMK : 50-140
AIADMK: 60-180
BJP : 0- 25

West Bengal

Trinamool : 70-270
Left : 50-150
BJP : 0- 45

Assam: ?????
Sorry….Assam was out of reach. My men (sorry the lizard and my dog were adamant not to stretch their neck an inch beyond West Bengal)


You might be dismissing my exit poll results of being too ‘accomodative’ so as to be ‘safely within’ when the results come out on 13th May. When media giants like NDTV or IBN could give ‘relaxation’ of about 35-40 seats to safely place themselves, why cannot I stretch a little wider?

Anyway, when the results are declared on the morning of ‘Lucky May 13th’, perhaps you would see Pranoy Roy, Sardesai or Burkha trying to cover-up their face with hand-kerchief. These people are always consistent in one thing…. publishing the most stupid exit-poll findings.

Hopefully I would not need a hand-kerchief to cover-up my face.