1. 1.       Some are deaf, some are dumb and some are blind.  But who is deaf, dumb & blind??

Ans. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

  1. 2.       Why Kalmadi prefers to be in Jail?

Ans. Safety of course.  The jail was fortunately not build by him.

  1. 3.       Why did Rahul Gandhi travel on a ‘Two-Wheeler’ to Noida?

Ans. Because petrol burns our fingers too..

  1. 4.       What ‘leans’ more than the Tower of Pisa?

Ans. Honesty of our Prime Minister

  1. 5.       Americans called it Geronimo.  What would India call it if India were to execute Dawood?

Ans. Bull Shit.  We are a secular nation… we do not kill minorities.



Osama Special


  1. 1.       The best tongue twister of the year 2011??

Ans. Obama kills Osama

  1. 2.       How did Obama come out of the Birth Certificate controversy?

Ans. Osama helped him with a Death Certificate

  1. 3.       Osama was thrown to the sea.  Consequence?

Ans. The prophecy that ‘Third World War will be over Water’ would come true.

  1. 4.       What’s Osama doing right now?

Ans. Digging an ‘underwater-tunnel’ to Pentagon