The outcome of Assembly Elections in the five states were almost on expected lines, but for the victory margin.  Everybody expected a victory for Jayalalitha, but none did foresee a landslide victory of this kind which washed away every trace of the ruling party. 

The disgusted voters gave a clear mandate ‘Against the Dynasty’ for an ‘unparalleled misrule’.   DMK government did ensure that all freebies promised in the previous manifesto reached the people.   Everybody got their TV sets……….and possibly that was a grave mistake that the party did.  They never guessed that stories after stories of their misdeeds would be flashed to the comman people throught the very same TV sets. 

The Dravidian parties are very similar on many counts and this was amply reflected in their election manifestoes too.  Same Laptops, grinders and free gold, though Jayalalitha was a little ‘more generous’.

In short, AIADMK = DMK + 1 Fan. 

People are no less either, they did not want to give away the free fan they would get as ‘extra’ and they voted for AIADMK. 

The fan blew away the ruling party, but it installed another which is no better. 

Tracing the track records of both the Dravidian parties would eventually take us to the same path…… a path so filthy…so foul. 

What other option for the hapless voter?  Bring in Congress party back to power?  God… that would be suicidal.

Voters of the state were however more prudent than thier counter-parts in the neighbouring state of Kerala where they voted Congress back to power.   


Congress Party under Sonia would put a chameleon to shame.   Suddenly she felt the need for what she describes as a ‘courtesy call’ to congratulate Amma.  The congress party has already pulled their hands away from the shoulders of DMK and are extending it towards AIADMK.  Such an equation would ensure them of the required number of parliament seats in the ensuing Lok Sabha election and also wash off its involvement in the 2G scam.  It is ‘Heads I Win….Tails You Lose’ situation for congress.