Bitter infighting ……Anti-incumbency factor……Age factor…  

Too many hurdles were in the way for Achuthanandan when elections were announced for the state of Kerala. 

Medias without an exception talked about an ‘anti-left’…’pro-congress’ wave in the state.  The results of the Civic Body elections conducted sometime back only added strength to this belief.

Everybody believed that it would be a mere cake-walk for Oommen Chandy to the Chief Minister’s chair.


However, 13th of May 2011 proved everything wrong.  It was not a cake-walk for Chandy…… was indeed a fire-walk….. and he would have to keep walking in this fire for the entire tenure (if ever he manages to pull on).

But how the equations changed all on a sudden?  Where did the ‘pro-UDF’ wave dissapear??

Rahul Gandhi too visited the state (for record, Rahul Gandhi always burned his fingers when he visited this tiny South Indian state.  Once had an FIR filed against him for keeping a Colombian Beauty in his room.  The half-blood prince of Italy who drew hundreds of spectators in other parts of the country could never manage more than a few dozen people during his visits to this state).

As always and as ‘will be’ always, the Church solidly stood behind their beloved Chandy.  The hot Malabar belt as always stood by an ‘Ice’ cool Kunhalikutty.   The Hindu votes are always split even…….half for the Congress and half for the Communists (a few ‘hard-core’ ones voting for the BJP too).  This was the perfect equation the UDF was looking for.  Added to this an anti-incumbency under-current that was sweeping the state.

As the elections neared, ‘Minority Appeasement’ became more evident.  Anything and everything was done by UDF to impress the Muslim & Christian communities.  Hindu bashing became the routine and this was getting more noticeable by the day.  There was a visible ‘polarisation’ of the minority community towards UDF.

The Hindus of the state who hitherto kept their eyes tightly shut to any such stories of minority appeasement slowly started feeling the pinch.  They could feel the sand beneath their feet being washed away. 

Though in the eleventh hour, a section of the Hindus in the state became cautious.  They gathered around Achuthanandan who was doing an honest role as Chief Minister.  This made all the difference. 

Election results clearly revealed a new political trend….. an ‘intimidated majority’ pooling up to save themselves from the powerful minority forces that have taken the state for ransom.