Wazhul Kamar Khan, one of India’s ‘most wanted’ fugitives whom security agencies are ‘desperately’ looking for. His name figures 41st in the list of 50 ‘Most Wanted Fugitives’ list that India has forwarded to Pakistan.

Strange, but in this case, even Pakistan was found scratching its head. Hundreds of thousands of Wazhul Kamar Khans as per record but none as per India’s specification. They maintain a ready dossier of every Al-Queda and LeT activist for the reason that they pay these ‘jihadi soldiers’ from their coffers.

Last week, Times of India reporters came up with an ‘unbelievable’ story that Wazhul Khan is living happily in Thane, Maharashtra and not in Pakistan. He was arrested for his involvement in 2003 Mulund train blast case and is now out on bail. He is also involved in Vile Parle and Ghatkopar blast cases too. What a goof up by the Home Ministry.

Home Minister P Chidambaram when ‘cornered’ by the media admitted that it was a ‘genuine’ mistake. However, he chose to rub it off lightly terming the goof up as a silly ‘human error’.

Such defence is highly unexpected from the Union Home Minister. He ought to be reasonable enough to appreciate the fact such ‘human errors’ are quite ‘fatal’. This is a clear pointer to our state of ‘unpreparedness’. Such lack of alertness could cost the nation dear.


Still people chose to forgive the minister for once. Understandable, one mistake in a list of 50 could be termed an ‘inadvertant’ human error.

BUT… the very next day…fresh report…….more horrifying.

TWO MORE fugitives in the ‘most wanted’ list are now in Indian soil and not in Pakistan.


This is the limit… we cannot afford to bear such ‘human errors’ anymore.

Chidambaram, please step out making way for someone who is capable of handling the sensitive portfolio.


If anyone still has an idea to forgive Chidambaram, here is one more ‘jewel’ in his crown: CBI team that travelled to Copenhagen to seek extradition of the main accused Kim Davy in Purulia arms drop case were taken for a rude shock when his counsel pointed out that what the CBI carried was an ‘expired & ‘useless’ arrest warrant.

What more to say….. Home Minister…..Go Home.