Hundreds of children starve to death in the slums of this mega city everyday…none to listen to their feeble cries.  Not far away, at Arthur Jail, our ‘State Guest’ licks his fingers after a ‘hearty’ meal. 

Indo Tibetan Border Police handed over a 11 crore bill to Maharashtra Government for reimbursement of expenses incurred for guarding kasab (for the period March’10 to September’10).  However, Maharashtra government is in no mood to foot the bill in a hurry because the state feels that kasab is not just their guest, but a ‘National Guest of Honour’.  Obviously this is true and the onus of providing him quality food and security vests with the whole nation and not restricted to Maharashtra alone.

Anyway, our government has been doing a ‘commendable’ job in taking care of kasab from the day one.  Even if the whole of Mumbai dies of poverty, our government made it a point to see that kasab gets his ‘meal’ everyday. 

Over 200 personnel of the Indo Tibetal Border Police on duty to guard this fat pig at Arthur jail. 

What more does a terrorist need?  The total material loss that the state incurred during the terrorist attack would be far less than what it takes to feed and keep this porkistani alive. 

Why don’t the government stop being ‘foolish’???