You Know Whom’ …… ‘SHE who cannot be named’…… the ‘Dark Lady’                (No, No..not Lady Voldemort).

SHE means ‘SHE’……..that’s pretty obvious in India.

My fingers refuse to type her name…….fear or aversion, not for sure.

Of late, SHE has been complaining of a certain disease for which treatment is available only in the United States.  Doctors in India are somehow not competent enough to treat such an extreme case where a ‘virus’ seeks treatment for self.

None knows the symptoms, but the time of occurrence of the symptom is very obvious.  Whenever a major scandal rocks the nation, the symptoms show.

Many things conspicuous regarding the disease and the treatment….. SHE should be transported by a ‘stealth’ aircraft via Switzerland and Italy to USA.  Further, media should not report her illness not her treatment process, because that could deteriorate her illness.

She would return for sure…. a pale looking face….. attributed to the ‘undisclosed ailment’.  Media solicits sympathy and empathy for this leader who sacrificed her prime ministerial post for someone deaf and dumb.

Media however does never talk about the big ailment that the nation has been infected….thanks to HER.

Jai Ho…