The day was ‘Eid ul Fitr’…


Say Eid ul Fitr and the first thing that that would strike our mind is Mutton Biriyani.  Entire Ahmedabad, especially the old city area with its pre-dominant Muslim population would be would be on a celebration mood….the aroma of a hot spicy mutton biriyani.


Strange it was this time… no mutton….no biriyani….. and none seemed to care a bit.


Religious celebrations or processions were conspicuously absent and in its place there were enormously huge crowds thronging different nooks and corners of the city.  So unruly, so  impatient.  Strangely so, ONLY LADIES.


The city traffic went chaos…. public life was wholly disturbed.  However the energy of the crowd was too high to be contained.


What prompted these women to trouble themselves in the crowd from dawn to dusk without food or water?  Surely it should be something very important.


Extremely anxious to know more, I got down from the bus.  Eyes fell on an old lady making her way back from the crowd.   Her face and body language resembled that of an army commander returning victorious from the battlefield. Though her age caught up with the body, her head was high and her face radiated a clear sign of accomplishment.  I stopped her to know exactly what was going.


Me: What exactly is happening here….why this crowd of ladies?

She: Don’t you know?  Madam is providing free houses for everyone.  GHAR NU GHAR scheme…

Me: Madam?  Who?  District Collector?

She: NO….NO….NO.  Madam Soniaji… 

Me: Is she giving away the houses for free?

She: Yes… absolutely free….. We only have to submit our application………..…Haaan….one more thing, after submitting our application, we should vote for congress and throw Modi out.  That’s easy….we have completed our first step….and waiting for elections.

Me: But honestly are you not happy with Modi’s governance?

She: Why not?  We are a lot much better after Modi became the Chief Minister.  Great roads, free medical facility, clean drinking water and visible development in every sphere of life.  Moreover, my grand-daughter too now goes to school.  

Me: Why then you want to replace Modi with Congress?

She: If Modi continues to be in power… we are sure to get our houses and no doubt about that.  Gujarat Housing Board and Modi’s Garib Kalyan Melas are doing a great job.  But imagine our plight if Modi does not come back to power?  That’s why we have submitted our applications.  It is ‘heads I win…tails I win’.


What an idea Madamji.


Next day, I learnt from news papers that over 55 lakh applications were received at various Congress offices in a single day…. a record of sorts.


Congress buoyed by this success has now announced free distribution of land….. applications to be submitted to the nearest congress office.  No doubt, they expect something nearing a crore applications.


But where would the congress go for providing this large measure of land to all the applicants?  Possibly Sonia would take Moon on lease….. Fortunately ‘coal-gate’ and 2G have provided her sufficient money to buy Moon and Venus too.