A brilliant judgment from the Allahabad High Court…. truly a landmark..


“A married woman as a housewife and mother usually puts in more hours of work for the family than the earning members of the family and their contribution should not be considered any less” observed the High Court while dismissing an appeal filed by Reliance General Insurance Company Limited. 


The contention of the insurance company was that since the dead woman was ‘just’ a home maker with no income, none of the claimants could be described as ‘dependants’ to receive compensation.  


The Division Bench of Justice Sunil Ambwai and Justice AN Mithal found no merit in this contention and observed that the work of a homemaker should be assigned value in terms of money taking into account her services and contributions to the family.  The notional income of Rs 30,000 per month suggested in Sarala Verma’s case (Rs.1,000 per day in the year 2009) for calculating the income of a person whose employment was not proved by any reliable evidence will be equally-applicable to married women homemakers.