Not far away from the capital city is a place by the name ‘Peroorkada’.  Everybody identifies the place with ‘Oolampara Mental Hospital’ hardly meters away from the junction.   So famous is the hospital that anyone across the length and breadth of the state would blindly associate the place Peroorkada with this lunatic asylum.

Within a stone throw distance from the hospital is the Kerala Law Academy Law College, another landmark similar in many counts.

Law Academy Law College!! a very unusual name for a professional institution.  It sounded conspicuous for all of us in the beginning though we were forced to digest it due course.  Our college had a very a humble transformation from a ‘Poultry Farm’ to a Law College.

Love it or hate it, but one thing for sure, you can never forget the wonderful life at Kerala Law Academy.

Can anyone forget those huge black water pipes that donned our campus from time immemorial??  These pipes were the  ‘de facto’ campus for outstanding students like you and me and for that matter almost everyone in the college.   An appeal to Kerala Water Authorities to rest these pipes there for eternity….. because they live to tell a hundred thousand stories about everyone in the campus.

I wish to jot out a few of the memories of my college days……. a mixed bag of fun, sober and heartbreaks.

Join the fun…